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[Lapack] lapack 3.2.2 access to undefined element of array

Thanks for the bug report Vittorio.
Do you have any idea where the problem is?
ILASLR looks correct, so the problem is higher. I did not have time to 
look up yet.

The trace provided by the NAG compiler is really useful.
        Runtime Error: ilaslr.f, line 59: Reference to undefined variable A(I,J)
        Program terminated by fatal error
        ilaslr.f, line 59: Error occurred in ILASLR
        slarfb.f, line 135: Called by SLARFB
        sormqr.f, line 252: Called by SORMQR
        sormhr.f, line 195: Called by SORMHR
        schkhs.f, line 1010: Called by SCHKHS
        schkee.f, line 1740: Called by SCHKEE
So I will try to go up and check these routine but if you can give some 
more information, like printing the INTEGER arguments just before 
the call to ILASLR line 135 of SLARFB, just before the call to SLARFB line 
252 of SORMQR, etc. That can help fix this faster.

Best wishes,

On Mon, 19 Jul 2010, Vittorio Zecca wrote:

I just downloaded lapack 3.2.2 and compiling it with NAG nagfor
compiler version 5.2 with option -C=undefined to detect access to
undefined variables I found that during make lapack_testing an
undefined varable is indeed accessed.
I am attaching two files:
1)typescript with a script of what is happening with a cat of file
snep.out where you can see the backtrace produced by the NAG runtime
2) snep.ou

I hope this is of help for you
Vittorio Zecca

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