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[Lapack] problem of installing CLAPACK under Ubuntu9.04

To whom it may concern,
   I'm trying to install CLAPACK-3.2.1 on ubuntu9.04, which is running on
VirtualBox3.2.8. And the host?s OS is win7. The installation process is
carried out under the instruction of README.install.

   While I successfully finish the first three steps( *tar, make f2clib,
 make blaslib*, to be specific, no error reported ), problems begin to occur
in the 4th one:
      *cd CLAPACK/BLAS/TESTING; make -f Makeblat2*
        xblat2s <
        xblat2d <
        xblat2c <
        xblat2z <
      cd CLAPACK/BLAS/TESTING; make -f Makeblat3
        xblat3s <
        xblat3d <
        xblat3c <
        xblat3z <
It's expected to get some output files *.SUMM, but I don't see any.

However, I proceed the 5th step: *cd CLAPACK/SRC; make;* Sadly, I got error
report as follows:
*ar: ../INSTALL/slamch.o: No such file or directory*
*make: *** [../lapack_LINUX.a] Error 1*
But I have slamch.c under /INSTALL/. I'm bewildered why there's no slamch.o
file generated.

Maybe you can give some hints about the problems? Also, it's said that I
should copy the generated *.a files to /usr/local/lib/. Is that OK? ( Sorry
to bother you with such a question, I'm not familiar with Linux yet :-(. )

Looking forward to your prompt reply!
Best regards!

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