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[Lapack] Request for a small modify of Makefile

Dear Bo,
Actually under WIndows, we advice users to use the CMAKE build system that is 
included in the LAPACK package.
See for more info.
Julie Langou
On Nov 20, 2010, at 6:43 AM, ?? wrote:

Dear Developers

     It's very nice to feel the rapid develop of lapack library, and I have a 
small request about Makefile. I am trying to compile lapack by using gfortran 
under windows, when compiler try to enter the lapack child directory, 
makefile always be modified. So I think why not

( cd INSTALL; $(MAKE);  =>changed to => $(MAKE) -C INSTALL

Two commander do the same thing, but make in the dos box of the 'evil' 
windows can do right thing.

Best wishes
Bo Li
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