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The two simplest approaches are as follows:
(1) If your real matrix T has the property that the products of pairs of 
T(i,i+1)*T(i+1,i) are all positive, then you can find a diagonal matrix 
D such
that D*T*inv(D) is symmetric and tridiagonal, and then use the symmetric 
(2) Otherwise, use the eigensolver for general Hessenberg matrices.
Jim Demmel

Mehmet ?AH?N wrote:
Dear Sir/Madam,
We try to find eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a nonsymmetric 
tridiagonal marix. But we have not found any solution in LAPACK, 
LAPACK++ or CLAPACK subroutines. How can we use the LAPACK, LAPACK++ 
or CLAPACK subroutines to solve eigenvalues of a nonsymmetric 
tridiagonal marix? Could you help us about this problem solving 
especially with LAPACK++?


Mehmet SAHIN
Selcuk University
Department of Physics
Konya, Turkey
e-mail: sahinm@Domain.Removed


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