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[Lapack] LAPACK info (compiling existing project adding lapack into)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apologize, but at the moment, I don?t know, what to
do. I?m a student from Czech Republic in Europe and I?m trying to
use a LAPACK in existing system which do some computations highly
related with iterative methods and therefore I think, that LAPACK
would help me. I cannot find only one thing: we have here a makefile
where are statements which compile the program, there are several
*.f files. But now i want to connect it with LAPACK, but i can?t
find how to do that in Your manual. I would be grateful if You could
help me. I?m using Intel Fortran 9.1 by "ifort" statement. I saw
somewhere that there shoul be added "-llapack" but somewhere maybe
"-llapack -blas" or something. I?m sorry if I overlooked something,
but i miss some information about this.

I await your prompt reply with great interest. 

Yours faithfully Rostislav Hrtus

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