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[Lapack] LAPACK info (compiling existing project adding lapack into)

Dear Rostislav Hrtus,
First I would check if you have INTEL MKL installed on your machine. This is an 
optimized BLAS and LAPACK library.
If yes, just look at the manuel to link with INTEL MKL.

If no, in your lapack directory (let's called it "LAPACK_DIR"
type: cp INSTALL/
type: make blaslib
type: make
now you have the LAPACK and the Reference BLAS libraries compiled with ifort

to compile your LAPACK program
type: ifort myprog.f -o myexe LAPACK_DIR/lapack_LINUX.a LAPACK_DIR/blas_LINUX.a

Hope it helps,

On Dec 16, 2010, at 10:02 AM, hrtus@Domain.Removed wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apologize, but at the moment, I don?t know, what to
do. I?m a student from Czech Republic in Europe and I?m trying to
use a LAPACK in existing system which do some computations highly
related with iterative methods and therefore I think, that LAPACK
would help me. I cannot find only one thing: we have here a makefile
where are statements which compile the program, there are several
*.f files. But now i want to connect it with LAPACK, but i can?t
find how to do that in Your manual. I would be grateful if You could
help me. I?m using Intel Fortran 9.1 by "ifort" statement. I saw
somewhere that there shoul be added "-llapack" but somewhere maybe
"-llapack -blas" or something. I?m sorry if I overlooked something,
but i miss some information about this.

I await your prompt reply with great interest. 

Yours faithfully Rostislav Hrtus

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