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[Lapack] inluding the lapack_LINUX.a library in a C makefile

Dear David,
First make sure that you were linking with LAPACK and not CLAPACK.
Once you have the Fortran LAPACK library, compile your program to get the .o 
and then link your C object file and the LAPACK library with your Fortran 
compiler, it should work.
Also you could consider using the new LAPACK C interface developed in 
collaboration with INTEL (this is replacing CLAPACK)
You would have to update the LAPACK call in your C program. One advantage is 
that the code should be simpler and easier to read. 

Thank you for reporting the broken link

On Jan 21, 2011, at 2:34 AM, David Hoch wrote:

Hi - I compiled lapack 3.3.0 on rehat 5. Years ago I used the command 
-lg2c in the Makefile to link the lapack_LINUX.a library into a C/C++ 
program. Unfortunately, -lg2c seems not to be supported on newer systems 
(f77 not available any more....).

Is there an easy way to link this library with C libraries? I hoped I 
would find more information under your Cmake link in your LAPACK, version 
3.3.0 section online, but the link doesn't work...

Please let me know.


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