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This has been corrected by Zlatko Drmac in revision 891.
The bug is listed in LAPACK 3.3.0 errata file: see and appears corrected in 
our bug history
Thank you again for the bug report.
On Oct 11, 2010, at 6:39 AM, Paul Roberts wrote:

Dear lapack people,

I've found a few little bugs in {s,d}gejsv. 

Line 441:    & (.NOT.(LSVEC .OR. LSVEC) .AND. ERREST .AND.

I think that should be .NOT.(LSVEC .OR. RSVEC)

Line 456: Missing a RETURN after the call to XERBLA

Line 1032: In the call to DGESVJ I think it should be LWORK-N instead of
LWORK in the 13th element.

Hope that helps,


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