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[Lapack] question about lapsvd1

Greetings and Salutations,

I use GAUSS program. I use svd1 first and the program was aborted with 
error message: "Not all the singular values can be computed." Then I 
replace svd1 with lapsvdcusv. The program keeps running with warning 
message "lapsvd1: illegal value in argument". Would you be able to tell 
me what this means and what could potentially cause this problem? I am 
concerned that because of this error message, what I get out of 
optimization is garbage. Or could I safely ignore this warning and trust 
the results?
It is unlikely due to coding error because I cross checked with Dynare 
and they gave the same likelihood value at the initial guess.

I really appreciate for your help.
Many thanks
Kind Regards

Han Chen
4th year PhD economics student
University of Pennsylvania
Email: chehan@Domain.Removed
Cell:  +1 (240)-374-2758
160 McNeil, 3718 Locust Walk,
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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