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[Lapack] question about lapsvd1

Reading GAUSS documentation, svd1 is using the EISPACK code while lapsvd1 
is using the LAPACK code. EISPACK (so svd1) is not supported any longer. 
No idea how GAUSS is using LAPACK internally. you might hav a problem in 
your calling sequence. The message: "lapsvd1: illegal value in argument" 
does not sound good for sure ... I am also seeing : "lapsvdusv" maybe you 
want to try that one.

On Tue, 22 Feb 2011, julie langou wrote:

Dear Han,you do not seem to use LAPACK from netlib.
Please send you question to team that provided you your Linear Algebra 
On Feb 21, 2011, at 3:12 PM, Chen , Han wrote:

      Greetings and Salutations,

      I use GAUSS program. I use svd1 first and the program was aborted with
      error message: "Not all the singular values can be computed." Then I
      replace svd1 with lapsvdcusv. The program keeps running with warning
      message "lapsvd1: illegal value in argument". Would you be able to tell
      me what this means and what could potentially cause this problem? I am
      concerned that because of this error message, what I get out of
      optimization is garbage. Or could I safely ignore this warning and trust
      the results?
      It is unlikely due to coding error because I cross checked with Dynare
      and they gave the same likelihood value at the initial guess.

      I really appreciate for your help.
      Many thanks
      Kind Regards

      Han Chen
      4th year PhD economics student
      University of Pennsylvania
      Email: chehan@Domain.Removed
      Cell: ?+1 (240)-374-2758
      160 McNeil, 3718 Locust Walk,
      Philadelphia, PA 19104

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