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[Lapack] question about how to use a routine dgetri.c


I have been using clapack to obtain the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a 
matrix and it worked quite well.
I now need to invert a matrix and I see that the routine dgetri.c does it.
However, I can t undertand the arguments of this function because the 
declaration is 

/* Subroutine */ int dgetri_(integer *n, doublereal *a, integer *lda, integer 
??????? *ipiv, doublereal *work, integer *lwork, integer *info)

and the explanation about the matrix "a" says that:

?A?????? (input/output) DOUBLE PRECISION array, dimension (LDA,N)?? 
??????????? On entry, the factors L and U from the factorization?? 
??????????? A = P*L*U as computed by DGETRF.?? 
??????????? On exit, if INFO = 0, the inverse of the original matrix A.?? 

What I don t understand is that? the matrix accepted by the function is of the 
type *matA, but in the explanation of the argument says that the dimension is ( 
So how should I declare? the matrix? and pass it to? the function?

the matrix I want to invert is a n x n matrix and I declare this as, let s say

double **matA 
Should I transform this into a one dimensional matrix ?

Thank you in advance,

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