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Thank you very much Sven.
ROTM is actually used in LAPACK by some new routines.
I believe I will change the GOTO in DROTMG, and proceed to further change in 
the BLAS (adding testing)  for the next major Release.
On Mar 15, 2011, at 2:19 PM, Sven Hammarling wrote:

Hi Julie,

drotmg and srotmg are part of the original BLAS (the we now call the Level 1 
BLAS).  drotm and srotm are also part of the original BLAS and do not seem to 
be tested either.  I imagine that because LAPACK does not use them, those 
tests got eliminated.

If you go to the ACM Collected algorithms ( you can find 
original source of the BLAS as algorithm 539.  There is a tester for the 
modified Givens routines as part of algorithm 539.

At least two other routines, sdsdot and dsdot are also part of the original 
BLAS and I think that they have been dropped completely from the LAPACK set.  
But, again they are in the ACM collection and are tested there.

Hope that helps, best wishes,


Julie Langou; Research Associate in Computer Science
Innovative Computing Laboratory;
University of Tennessee from Denver, Colorado ;-)

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