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[Lapack] Clapack Under C++ Environment

Dear Xiao,
If testing are successful, you're good to go.
On Apr 30, 2011, at 4:24 PM, xiaoyong wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have download CLAPACK, and have successfully installed and compiled in my 
computer(Win& + vs2008). However, when I use C++ with CLAPACK, some errors 
occur to me in file ?f2c.h?.
As I check the errors, it shows that the definitions of ?real? and ?complex? 
conflict with some C++ header files. So as the header file ?f2c.h? of lapack++
( does, I use this 
header file in CLAPACK instead of ?f2c.h? contained in the CLAPACK, and 
change ?real? and some other definitions in source file of CLAPACK referring 
to ?f2c.h?
of lapack++ ( And 
then I compile CLAPACK and find it works.
However, I am not sure whether these changes will cause some unknown 
problems. So I hope to get some instructions from you. And I think it is 
better if CLAPACK can work under C++
Environment like lapack++.
Yours faithfully,
Xiao Yong
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