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[Lapack] Changes in blas?!

Yes indeed, the Reference BLAS changed to be synchronized with the Reference 
I just added a LAST UPDATE field on the website.
So Last update for the BLAS was Tuesday Apr 19th 2011
A version number would indeed be appropriate. We will try to get one soon.
Thank you for the report.
Julie Langou

On Jun 12, 2011, at 10:32 PM, Serban Udrea wrote:


First of all I would like to thank all the blas developers for their 
efforts in maintaining this library.

I just mentioned that the md5 sum of blas.tgz has changed from a value I 
have stored some time ago. Since blas.tgz does not contain any version 
information or Changelog and the web site does not mention any means for 
checking if such a change was done by the actual developers or not, I 
would just like to know if the encountered md5 sum change is OK or not 
and suggest that some mean of checking for developer changes to the 
source is provided with blas.tgz and/or on the website.

Just for convenience:

Expected md5 sum: 7e6af7022440d8688d16be86d55fb358

Actual md5 sum: 5e99e975f7a1e3ea6abcad7c6e7e42e6

Best regards,

Serban Udrea
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