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[Lapack] Undefined VLL and VUU variables in dsyevx and zheevx

Hi Vittorio,
Indeed in some cases VLL and VUU are not defined because we are in the case  
RANGE = 'A' or 'I'.
Do you have an example call that crashes the program?
I would like to reproduce your problem first before proceeding to any 

On Jun 20, 2011, at 9:54 PM, Vittorio Zecca wrote:

Hi, there, I just found that in lapack 3.3.1 in routine dsyevx.f
variables VLL and VUU may be accessed undefined, I suggest you add
between lines 281 and 282 the following

           VLL = ZERO
           VUU = ZERO

The same between lines 290 and 291 of zheevx.f

Best regards
Vittorio Zecca
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