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[Lapack] CLAPACK installation crosscompiling question

Dear LAPACK-team,

We want to use the LAPACK library for an embedded C++ application on a 
power-pc running a Debian Linux OS. As it can't be compiled on that 
system, we use a cross compiler. The problem I'm facing now is that in the 
installation instruction creating libraries and testing routines is so 
intertwined that I can't see which steps are necessary to build the 
libraries (with the cross-compiler) and which parts are running to create 
intermediate programs needed for the further creation process and 
therefore must be compiled with a Compiler for the host architecture. 

Is it even possible to use that instruction on a cross-compiling base? 
E.g. the F2CLIB create a file a.out that is called by the Makefile to run 
on the host but is compiled for the target, so I had to edit the Makefile 
to make it work and still don't know if the library created can be used on 
the target (however, where do you need the f2clib? On the host, or on the 
target, or on both?). Or, as a second example, the Makeblat2 for the 
BLAS/TESTING files uses the BLAS library compiled for the target, but the 
resulting xblat2_  needs to be run in step 4 on the host? 

I would be glad if you could help me in that matter

Martin Dietz 

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