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dear lapack team
i am afraid i was unable to find the instructions to subscribe to the
mailing list. i request that my email id be added to the mailing list
please. is there any official or unofficial IRC channel for lapack
users? i am a c++ user working on gnu/linux. in the past i used lapack
routines by writing an extern "C" { } wrapper to the fortran routines
and used a couple of helper routines to convert from row-major to
column major mode and vice versa. recently i found out about lapacke
but was saddedned because it does not work with the c++0x features
enabled. what advice do you have for me? should i continue using the
extern "C" {} method which plays well with c++0x or is there some
latest developement that i m not aware of which will allow me to
experience the magic of lapack from c++.

keep up the wonderful work!


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