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[Lapack] syev complexity


O(n^3) for both. The computation of the constant is somewhat more problematic. 
(Since there is a convergence story behind that, so you need a tolerance, hope 
for a cubic convergence, etc.)

Golub and Van Loan (3rd Edition, p.421) textbook declares that this is 4/3 n^3 
for STEV and 9n^3 for SYEV. 

(I am not sure how to read GVL on this one actually, maybe they mean 31/3 n^3 
for SYEV. I send an email to Charles, we'll see if there is an answer.) 

Anyone on the mailing list wants to help answering? 


On Aug 6, 2011, at 4:55 PM, Andrea Arteaga wrote:

Dear all,
I did not find any specification of the complexity of the syev
routine. I'm using it to completely diagonalize a matrix (i.e. with
JOBZ = "V"). I'm also interested on the stev complexity, for the same

Thanks for the help.
Best regards.
Andrea Arteaga
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