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[Lapack] Doxygen and Lapack

Dear Team,

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the documentation for
Lapack was available in Doxygen format.
When browsing through the documentation I saw that you were using
version 1.7.3 of Doxygen. Yesterday version 1.7.5 was released and I
think there were quite a few improvements from which the Lapack
documentation can benefit as well,  just to mention SVG support for
graphs, bug fixes in respect to Fortran.

I noticed that you use in your code "Double Complex" as well as
"Complex*16", currently Doxygen does not support "Double Complex" as
this is no standard Fortran. I think it would be better to use a
construct like Complex(kind=kind(1.d0)), I'd like to hear your opinion
about this matter, is there a chance that this will be changed. In the
mean time I've made a note about the usage of "Double Complex" and
will file a bug report for it with Doxygen and fix it (hopefully it
will be in Doxygen with the next release).

I also see that Lapack (and Blas) have a lot of useful documentation
that is not in Doxygen style and thus is not shown, are there any
plans to convert this documentation into Doxygen style ?

I tried to access the repository (svn co but I got the error
svn: OPTIONS of '':
could not connect to server (

I also tried to access the link:
LAPACK for Windows

Please see:

But this link was not reachable for me (The server@Domain.Removed
is taking too long to respond.).

Best Regards,


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