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[Lapack] Doxygen and Lapack

Hi Julie,

I had a look at the currently generated man pages by Doxygen and I
must say I was not impressed by the layout. So I've created a mock-up
of the page as I would like it to look like.
I've attached a tar file with 3 versions of the file:
- man1/dgesv.1    the version I found with lapack 3.1.1
- man3/DGESV.3 the version as generated by Doxygen from the version of
dgesv.f90 you have send me
- man4/dgesv.4    the version as generated by me based on the data of
the dgesv.f90 you sent me.

I would also like your input on my example (I see all critics as
positive!, towards a better product)
Can I send these files to Dimitri (as they contain a not yet released
version of dgesv) for comments ?
Can I send these files to to the Doxygen mailing list (as they contain
a not yet released version of dgesv) for comments ?

Best Regards,


On Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 14:43, Albert <albert.tests@Domain.Removed> wrote:
Hi Julie,

I saw in the man page output when there was a . (dot) that a ' (single
quote) was added. The . (dot) correction was done with bug 652277 but
I think a ' (single quote) got into it as well. I submitted already a
patch for this.

Are you monitoring bugs in respect to man pages ? (In case you submit
a bug regarding man pages put the word man in the subject, like
Fortran in case it is for Fortran makes filtering a bit easier)

Best Regards,


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