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Dear Lapack Team, 

I know you are used to questions of much higher knowledge background and
purpose but I'd be extremely thankful if you could help me with a short
question giving me 5 minutes of your precious time. I'm student from Vienna
University and I need to know for an upcoming exam, what LAPACK can and even
more important what it can't, concerning methods needed in Scientific
I know it can do nearly everything if it comes down to matrix operations.
But what about non-linear systems, interpolation, differentiation,
integration, and differential equations (ODE, PDE) ? Are these topics also
covered or parts of them? 

I hope so much to get a response. This would help me so much!! 
A short answer would be more than enough! 
Yours sincerely 

Wittmann Katharina
Email: wittmann.kathi@Domain.Removed

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