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[Lapack] Licence for blas-0.8.jar

Dear Oleg,
here it is.
Legal restrictions on the use of BLAS reference implementation software?
The reference BLAS is a freely-available software package. It is available from 
netlib via anonymous ftp and the World Wide Web. Thus, it can be included in 
commercial software packages (and has been). We only ask that proper credit be 
given to the authors.
Like all software, it is copyrighted. It is not trademarked, but we do ask the 
If you modify the source for these routines we ask that you change the name of 
the routine and comment the changes made to the original.
We will gladly answer any questions regarding the software. If a modification 
is done, however, it is the responsibility of the person who modified the 
routine to provide support.

On Oct 4, 2011, at 4:25 PM, Oleg Lichtenwald wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam!

My name is Oleg Lichtenwald and I am a Junior Software Developer with 
Averbis GmbH ( One of our modules is using blas-0.8.jar 
as a dependency. I am interested in finding out, under which licence 
this dependency was distributed. Could you give me a hint on this topic, 

Kind regards
Oleg Lichtenwald

Oleg Lichtenwald
Averbis GmbH
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D-79106 Freiburg

Fon: +49 (0) 761 - 203 97692
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E-Mail: oleg.lichtenwald (at)

Gesch?ftsf?hrer: Dr. med. Philipp Daumke, Dr. Korn?l Mark?
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Freiburg i. Br.
AG Freiburg i. Br., HRB 701080

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