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[Lapack] CMAKE Bug

Hi Maik,
This has been corrected in our repository.
The next LAPACK release will contain the fix and it will be available in 
Thank you for reporting your problem.

On Oct 12, 2011, at 5:37 PM, Maik Schulze <maik@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Dear developers of LAPACK,

I've just downloaded LAPACK 3.3.1 from your website and discovered a bug 
in the CMAKE files.

The file Lapack-3.3.1/CMakeLists.txt contains a typo.

On several occasions the variable BLAS_LIBRARIES is typed BLAS_LIBRAIRIES.

This results in failed linking if USE_OPTIMIZED_BLAS is set TRUE. This 
problem can be resolved by simply replacing the mistyped variable.

Best regards,

Maik Schulze
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