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[Lapack] Problems installing LAPACK (again).

Dear Bosco, 

quick suggestions

1) press CTRL+C !!!
2) Maybe try with another BLAS than Goto BLAS  .... 

So you can try with the reference BLAS. Just for testing purpose. Then use Goto 
in your application. 
You can also only test LAPACK + Goto on the LAPACK testing and not the BLAS 

The maintenance / development of Goto BLAS is interesting these days. 

Rodney is in CC and might be able to help as well. 


On Oct 28, 2011, at 10:48 AM, <bosco@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Dear Julien,

  How are you doing? I hope you still remember me from the
course you gave in Barcelona, and for the pints we drank
together in Glasgow.

  I'm afraid I have to request your
help again with LAPACK installation. It is lapack-3.3.1.
I'm installing it on an debian 6.0 with gfortran 4.4.5
I have installed the Gotoblas2-1.13 and the xblas-1.0.248,
apparently without problems.

In the LAPACK directory after editing the (I enclose
it) I type make. Everithing goes fine untill it reaches

make[1]: Entering directory `/root/temp/lapack-3.3.1/BLAS/TESTING'
gfortran -fimplicit-none -g  -c sblat1.f -o sblat1.o
gfortran -g -lpthread  sblat1.o  \
       /usr/local/lib/libgoto2.a  -o ../xblat1s
gfortran -fimplicit-none -g  -c dblat1.f -o dblat1.o
gfortran -g -lpthread  dblat1.o  \
       /usr/local/lib/libgoto2.a  -o ../xblat1d
gfortran -fimplicit-none -g  -c cblat1.f -o cblat1.o
gfortran -g -lpthread  cblat1.o  \
       /usr/local/lib/libgoto2.a  -o ../xblat1c
gfortran -fimplicit-none -g  -c zblat1.f -o zblat1.o
gfortran -g -lpthread  zblat1.o \
       /usr/local/lib/libgoto2.a  -o ../xblat1z
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/temp/lapack-3.3.1/BLAS/TESTING'
( cd BLAS; ./xblat1s > sblat1.out    ; \
                 ./xblat1d > dblat1.out    ; \
                 ./xblat1c > cblat1.out    ; \
                 ./xblat1z > zblat1.out    )

and here it seems to be blocked. One single core is working
(I see this with the htop command) but it's been 2 hours there
without getting out of it.

Can you help me with this? Do you know what is going on?
I would appreciate very much anything you could do to help
me with this.

Best regards


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