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Hello Bernd, thanks for contacting us but we cannot help on this scilab crash. 
We only support lapack directly related problems. Cheers, Julien.

On Oct 27, 2011, at 7:46 AM, Bernd Wiebus wrote:


I installed Debian linux "Squeeze" and installed Scilab from the Debian
When i start scilab, everytime scilab just crashes during start up.
Luckily i got a bug report from Bugzilla, which is at the attachemt as
There is also a more detailed log as hs_err_pid4527.log for this event,
just as the Bugzilla bugreport suggests. You will find it also at the

It seems to have something to do with the Java virtual maschine, but
happens not inside it but in a Matrix handling i do not
exactly understand, what is happening, This is the reason i will report
this bug to you and to also to "icedTea/Bugzilla".

With best regards: Bernd Wiebus

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