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[Lapack] [Dongarra-local] similar lapack function

Looks like in LARFP, beta is non-negative. I guess the P stands for positive.

It appears LARFP was renamed LARFGP in a recent lapack release?

LARFG is used 3x more than LARFGP in lapack. I would think LARFG would be more 
accurate since it can avoid cancellation in cases where alpha is positive.


Mark Gates
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On Nov 8, 2011, at 10:47 AM, Azzam Haidar wrote:

Do anyone know what is the difference between DLARFG and DLARFP
which should do the same job thus should be the same function.
They look like are the same function with very slight difference probably 
related to different version of Lapack.
if yes why don't lapack people redirect the bad function to the good one?
Thanks Azzam

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