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[Lapack] question about SGBTRF


Have a look at the LAPACK banded storage format:

The inequalities halfway down the page should allow you to write some loops to 
enter your data. You can also open some routines for banded matrices in LAPACK 
("GB" in name) where there are loops just like this that you can copy and paste.

Deaglan Halligan

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I am a Phd student, I work with Lapack functions, for the moment I can not get 
the right solution by using this function "SGBTRF" for decomposition LU of a 
band Matrix A. I may made mistake on introducing the Matrix element. 

Please, how can I enter the Matrix element, since we have a zeros out of the 

Please I will appreciate your help,

thank you very much in advance.

and waiting to hear from you.

with all my respect

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