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[Lapack] SGBSV function

Eiher way, the auxiliary routines are just here to display matrices a nice way.
You can change those by your own code.
Otherwise you can download those extra routines here:
Just get  the gzipped tar file extras.tar.gz.
On Nov 29, 2011, at 12:58 PM, s.aazou@Domain.Removed wrote:

Thank you for the replay, 

Well, actually, I tried this example before, it did not work because I don't 
have the NAG. It comes out this message : undefined reference to `x04cef_'. 

I compiled the example.f90 as follow: gfortran example.f90 -llapack -lblas

Should I installed the NAG like the lapack and blas??

Do the lapack functions "?GBSV" work only with the NAG function please?

Thanks for your help,

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