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[Lapack] steps to install and use clapack!!

Hi All,

I am trying to install clapack (c version of lapack) on my ubuntu machine.I
have some C code through which i want to do the matrix algebra operations
using lapack.And after writing the code i want to cross-compile it using
the gcc-arm-elf compiler so as to use the compiled code on ARM platform.

I am finidng it difficult to install the clapack on my system.I have tried
two-three times now and everytime i get some error due to either
dependencies on other libraries or due to some missing header files.

If you can give us a list of the dependencies required (the libraries which
need to be present on my system) and also of the steps required to install.

I am very much stuck with this at the moement with clapack and any help
would be heartly appreciated.

Additionaly please guide me if i can get a user guide for lapack(if exists

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