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[Lapack] Question about installing GoToBLAS2

Dear Takumi Yamamoto,
I have a few questions first:
 -  do you really need to be on a Windows machine? It may be easier for you to 
be on a Mac or Linux machine.
 -  do you need performance or you just want to run some LAPACK routines?

Regarding the Goto BLAS installation under Windows, this tutorial has been 
given by our of our user.
GotoBLAS is not maintained by the LAPACK team and actually the GotoBLAS project 
is not long maintained (
GotoBLAS includes its own documentation (read me files and so on), that may be 
a good start.

My guess would be that the library files should be where you typed the make 

Julie Langou

On Mar 7, 2012, at 4:38 PM, ?? ? wrote:

Dear, Support member

Hello, I'm Takumi Yamamoto, a student of the Tokyo University, Japan.

Now, I'm trying to use LAPACK on Windows7 (64bit) and Visual Studi 2010 C++.
Following your instruction , mybe I succeeded to install GoToBLAS2.

But, I cannot find the files libgoto_-r.a, libgoto.a, Windows library, etc...

Please tell me, where the files are.

Sincerely yours,
Takumi Yamamoto
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