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[Lapack] Cant find routines DTSQRT, DSSRFB

Hi Ketan. 

DTSQRT is not in LAPACK but you can have the same functionality and more by 
using DTPQRT (which was added in 3.4.0, contribution form Rodney James). 
DTPQRT generalizes and enable you to have DTSQRT, DTTQRT and more.

        DTPQRT with L=0 is essentially DTSQRT.
        DTPQRT with L=N is essentially DTTQRT.

Regarding the update routines (your question on DSSRFB), you can look at the 
DTPMQRT subroutines. They should do what you want. 


On Mar 23, 2012, at 5:06 AM, Ketan Singh wrote:


I am working on implementing a QR decomposition algorithm and I am unable to 
find the DTSQRT, DSSRFB routines in lapack 3.4.0. I have tried searching it 
in the source code, forums. Could you please give me any pointers to where 
can I find the routines?

Thank you very much!
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