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[Lapack] Inconsistency/bug in dstemr.f

Hi Joseph,
First thank you for reporting the bug, and thank you even more for taking the 
time to write a test case.
Your bug has been referenced as bug0096 and is listed in LAPACK 3.4.1 Errata 
file :
You are completely right, the sorting is not done for N=2.
I followed your suggestion and corrected accordingly.
The bug fix is available in the LAPACK repository  (revision 1307).
Julie Langou
On Jun 26, 2012, at 11:41 AM, Joseph Young wrote:

   There appears to be an inconsistency and possible bug in the dstemr 
implementation.  When calculating the eigenvalues of a matrix, the returned 
eigenvalues are supposed to be returned in ascending order.  Although this 
appears to be the case for N >= 3, it does not appear to be the case for N=2. 
 I believe this happens because the dstemr routine has special cases for 
N=0,1, and 2, which immediately return after their computation.  Because 
these cases return immediately, they do not call the sorting routines around 
line 723 (in LAPACK version 3.4.1).  As such, a simple fix would be to have 
the N=2 case call this sorting code rather than returning.  In any case, I'm 
attaching two different C files that demonstrate this problem.  The first is 
test01.c, which calls the routine on a 2x2 matrix.  It correctly calculates 
the eigenvalues, but they are printed in the wrong order.  The second is 
test02.c, which calls the routine on a 3x3 matrix.  It also correctly 
calculates the eigenvalues and correctly returns the eigenvalues in ascending 
order.  For reference, these C files use C99, so you may need the compiler 
flag -std=c99 if you compile with gcc.  They demonstrate the problem when 
linking both LAPACK versions 3.4.1 and 3.2.1.

   If you've any questions or if there's a better place to file a bug report, 
please let me know.  Thanks.

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