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[Lapack] query about test suite

Dear sir/madam,
   I met a problem when using Lapack 3.2.1,that is,LAPACK test suite gets more 
failure when linking with ATLAS3.8.3 than linking with the BLAS in LAPACK's 
   For example, when linking with ATLAS3.8.3,in TESTING/cgd.out there are 9 
tests failed to pass the threshold as shown in the figure below, as well in 

   I found some  relevant material in, says that "The LAPACK 
test suite assumes that diagonal elements are not inverted" and "The LAPACK 
test suite needs to be modified to allow for the inversion of diagonal 
elements". I wonder is that the cause of this problem? How can i do to sovle 
this problem and make all 1092 tests pass the threshold?

  I am looking forward to your reply.  
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