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[Lapack] licence question

Dear Lapack Team, 

I have ported some parts of Lapack & Blas to Ada and I'd like to make the code 
available for public use. But before I release the code I'd like to canvas your 
opinions on how I should assign the copyright. The original copyright licence 
(from the Fortran sources) must be included, that much is clear. But I have 
made some small changes forced upon me by the transition from Fortran to Ada. 
These changes are all to do with syntax, there is no change in functionality. 

I do not want to breach your copyright but I also want to protect my own (very 
small) contribution.
Do I need to add a separate copyright notice to this Ada version? Should I 
modify your existing licence?

I would be most grateful for any advice.

Best wishes,

Leo Brewin
School of Mathematical Sciences,
Monash University

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