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[Lapack] licence question

Hello Leo, 

No attorney here. No license expert. But I think you should keep our license 
in, not modify it and add your own license. 
(And this will be totally fine with us.) Thanks for inquiring. 


On Aug 12, 2012, at 6:31 PM, Leo Brewin <Leo.Brewin@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Dear Lapack Team, 

I have ported some parts of Lapack & Blas to Ada and I'd like to make the 
code available for public use. But before I release the code I'd like to 
canvas your opinions on how I should assign the copyright. The original 
copyright licence (from the Fortran sources) must be included, that much is 
clear. But I have made some small changes forced upon me by the transition 
from Fortran to Ada. These changes are all to do with syntax, there is no 
change in functionality. 

I do not want to breach your copyright but I also want to protect my own 
(very small) contribution.
Do I need to add a separate copyright notice to this Ada version? Should I 
modify your existing licence?

I would be most grateful for any advice.

Best wishes,

Leo Brewin
School of Mathematical Sciences,
Monash University

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