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[Lapack] clapack question

Dear Lapack,

I use clapack for my work and just noticed something strange in the function 
dgelsd_ (solving a linear least squares problem using the singular value 
decomposition). One of the parameters is the array iwork, which is passed on to 
the function dlalsd_ inside dgelsd_.  In the original Fortran code, if the 
parameter LWORK equals -1 then a workspace query is assumed and the minimum 
size of the arrays WORK and IWORK is returned as the first element of these 
arrays. We can then call DGELSD again, providing arrays of the correct size, I 

However, in the c-code the minimum size of the array work is still returned as 
its first element, but for some strange reason this is not done for the array 
iwork. The corresponding code was deleted apparently. Is there a reason for 
this? Because now I cannot resize the array iwork to make sure that it is big 
enough (well of course, I can, but I would have to compute the size liwork 
myself, which is exactly what I wanted to avoid). Am I missing something here?

Thank you for your time!

Joris Van Deun
Research engineer
Materialise N.V.

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