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[Lapack] blas 1.2: Many manuals have text lines that start with a period

Software: blas
Version: 1.2 from 19th April 2011 (from package "libblas-doc" in 
Files: man/manl/*.l
Patch: NO

  One example, warnings from "groff -b -ww -mandoc -z cgemm.l"

<standard input>:139: warning: macro `.' not defined

  31 manuals contain this in the last part:

.. External Functions ..

.. External Subroutines ..

.. Intrinsic Functions ..

.. Local Scalars ..

  The two points (..) at the start of these lines must be protected
with "\&" before the first point (be put at the beginning of the line).

  Output from "nroff" should (usually) have only the left margin
adjusted (".ad l").  Otherwise the space between words can be too long.

  Output for a manual should (usually) have the right margin ragged
(".ad l"), as it is not (usually) intended for a book or other
professional printing medium.
  Each sentence should begin in a new line.

a) The space between sentences is different between formatters.

b) Changes in one line do then not affect others, and do therefore not
appear as changed in the output of "diff".

  Sometimes a small change in space between a roman and an italic
character is needed (use ".RI" or ".IR" macros).

  Remove spaces at end of lines.

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