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[Lapack] Asking about LAPACK and CLAPACK

Dear LAPACK team,

First of all, Thank you for building that product. It's very useful for
everyone. This is the 1st library we thought when we want to develop
everything related to algebra algorithm.
Now, we want to build LAPACK/CLAPACK on the KIT FriendlyArm including:

-Processor Type: Arm Cortex A8
-Operating system: Linux
-Compiler: Arm-linux-GCC (Cross compiler)

I want to know whether I can compile LAPACK/CLAPACK on my computer by using
*cross-compiler*? Because it seems there are some functions in
LAPACK/CLAPACK estimate the elapased time to optimize ( I guess).

If can, please show me how I can do it.
Thank you in advance.

Nguyen Dinh Thuan
Ha Noi University Of Science And Technology
Tel: +840966614396
email: dinhthuanbk88@Domain.Removed
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