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[Lapack] About copy right of using BLAS

Dear Dan,

Sure, the reference BLAS is a freely-available software package. It is 
available from netlib via anonymous ftp and the World Wide Web. Thus, it can be 
included in commercial software packages (and has been). We only ask that 
proper credit be given to the authors.

Like all software, it is copyrighted. It is not trademarked, but we do ask the 

If you modify the source for these routines we ask that you change the name of 
the routine and comment the changes made to the original.

We will gladly answer any questions regarding the software. If a modification 
is done, however, it is the responsibility of the person who modified the 
routine to provide support.


On Jan 22, 2013, at 2:30 PM, "Lu, Dan" <dl07f@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Dear Lapack group,

Currently we are updating UCODE program, which is a  software published in 
U.S. Geological Survey free for use.
More information about UCODE, please refer to these two websites:

In this updating, we are incorporating Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation 
into UCODE. 
This work needs some linear algebra calculation. In the following website 
I found that some subroutines are extremely helpful for our programming.

So I sincerely ask for your permission to use these subroutines for our UCODE 
programming work.

Thanks for your consideration!
Look forward to your response!

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