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[Lapack] Problem with Installing LAPACK


I wanna use LAPACK for Intel FORTRAN Composer on Visual Studio 2008. I have
tried LAPACK 3.4.1. version by doing the following steps (mentioned in the

-downloaded Ref BLAS.lib and LAPACK.lib (and unblocked them in the
properties tab of right-click, stupid feature of Windows 7)
-downloaded the LAPACK-VS-Example Visual Studio project
-copied the .lib files into it
-open the project in VS and entered BLAS.lib LAPACK.lib in the
properties>linker>input>additional dependancies
-successfully built the solution
....... now when I press debugg I get the error:

"Runtime error!
An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library

could it be due to the version of VS (it is 2008)? or the 64-bit operation?
(I have set all the things in x86)
any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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