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[Lapack] Files with too restrictive license in lapack-3.4.2.tgz


can you contact the license holder (i.e. Intel) for the following files 
? they are very strict and, thus, a Linux distribution cannot ship them:

* lapacke/example/example_DGESV_rowmajor.c
* lapacke/example/example_ZGESV_rowmajor.c

I am sure you have some contact person at Intel as they provided you 
with LAPACKE. If you cannot get those under an open-source license, 
please consider to remove the files (or at least list in the README the 
problematic files).

Secondly, I think the following file can be removed:

* DOCS/psfig.tex

At least nothing seems to use the file. ? Note that this file also has a 
problematic license, which again causes problems for Linux 
distributions. (Side remark: epsfig is a replacement for psfig, cf.



PS: Quotes from the licenses.

a) psfig

% [...] the right to
% distribute any portion of psfig/tex for profit or as part of any 
% product is specifically reserved for the author.

b) LAPACKE examples

* [...] The information and material ("Material") provided below is 
owned by Intel
* Corporation or its suppliers or licensors, and title to such Material 
* with Intel Corporation or its suppliers or licensors. The Material 
* proprietary information of Intel or its suppliers and licensors. The 
* is protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. No part of
* the Material may be copied, reproduced, published, uploaded, posted,
* transmitted, or distributed in any way without Intel's prior express 
* permission. No license under any patent, copyright or other intellectual
* property. [...]

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