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[Lapack] bugs in ilaenv.c

Dear CLAPACK maintainers,

There are various bugs in ilaenv.c that seem to have been introduced in 
3.2.1. They are not present in

Line 42:   char subnam[1];
Line 245: s_copy(c2, subnam + 1, (ftnlen)1, (ftnlen)2);
Line 246: s_copy(c2, subnam + 3, (ftnlen)1, (ftnlen)3);

Because string subnam is only defined with length of one character, 
subnam + 1 and subnam + 3 refer to unallocated memory. There is more 
confusion in the code about the length of subnam:

Line 188: s_copy(subnam, name__, (ftnlen)1, name_len);
Line 197:
       for (i__ = 2; i__ <= 6; ++i__) {
         ic = *(unsigned char *)&subnam[i__ - 1];

So it is again operating in unallocated memory and valgrind's memory 
checker will spew out tons of errors even on the test programs. If I 
compile my program against CLAPACK instead of 3.2.1 there are no 


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