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[Lapack] lapack 3.4.2 test cases

Hi there, I just installed lapack 3.4.2 and found the following:

In routines SDRVRFP and DDRVRFP line 450,
and routines CDRVRFP and ZDRVRFP line 457, the statement

but running the tests I found ANORM and AINVNM to be zero.
This raised a floating point exception.
Moreover, it seems to me that RCONDC is not used after that, so I
commented out the
statement and the test seems to run just fine.

In TESTING/EIG/*CHKEE.f I put the statement
A = 0 ; D = 0
at the beginning of the main program, because later uninitialized
sections of A and D are accessed, and I got run time errors because of

Can you confirm my findings?
Are my fixes correct?

Best regards
Vittorio Zecca

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