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[Lapack] bug in description of cla_lin_berr

It seems like there is a bug in description of RES and AYB in 
LAPACK3.4.2 /SRC/cla_lin_berr.f:
$ less sla_lin_berr.f
*>     RES is *DOUBLE PRECISION* array, dimension (N,NRHS)
*>     The residual matrix, i.e., the matrix R in the relative backward
*>     error formula above.
*> \endverbatim
*> \param[in] AYB
*> \verbatim
*>     AYB is*DOUBLE PRECISION *array, dimension (N, NRHS)
*>     The denominator in the relative backward error formula above, i.e.,
*>     the matrix abs(op(A_s))*abs(Y) + abs(B_s). The matrices A, Y, and B
*>     are from iterative refinement (see cla_gerfsx_extended.f).
*> \endverbatim

Both RES, and AYB have to be described as *REAL*.

Best wishes,
Elena Ivanova.
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