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[Lapack] How can I use DSKFS from Visual Studio 2010



I?m a software developer for structural engineering. I?m trying using dskfs.
I have downloaded ?LAPACKE examples? and  I have tried  ?lapacke_dskfs (n,
a, na, idiag, iparm, rparm, aux, naux, bx, ldbx, mbx);? with C++, but
appears the next message  ?'lapacke_dskfs': identifier not found?


Thank you for your help



sello para e_mail

Javier Gonz?lez Blanco

Director T?cnico


C/Dr. Mara??n n?4: 6?B

24402 Ponferrada. Le?n. Spain



Tf:987419018; 633551386


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