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[Lapack] BLAS and LAPACK now included in Ceemple

Dear Lapack/Blas Developers Team,

I am pleased to share that we have integrated the BLAS/LAPACK libraries
into Ceemple.

Ceemple is an innovative solution enabling rapid C++ based technical
computing. It features the productivity of MATLAB and Python, combined with
the performance and power of standard C++.

Now Ceemple enables rapid development using the BLAS/LAPACK libraries
greatly simplifying writing BLAS/LAPACK based C++ code. You are welcome to
download and try Ceemple and see how it works -

As courtesy, we wanted to grant you and your organization a free Ceemple

We would also appreciate a link back to Ceemple from BLAS/LAPACK pages
(HTML code below) - we already feature BLAS and LAPACK at

Please contact me for more details.

Best Regards,
Co-Founder, Ceemple

<a href=''>Ceemple - Rapid C++ technical computing
environment, with built-in BLAS and LAPACK support</a>
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