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[Lapack] BLAS and LAPACK now included in Ceemple

Dear Ophir,
Thank you for letting us know.
We listed your product in our FAQ in our "What and where are the LAPACK 
Vendors' implementations?" section
On Mar 17, 2014, at 5:23 AM, Ophir Herbst <ophir@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Dear Lapack/Blas Developers Team,

I am pleased to share that we have integrated the BLAS/LAPACK libraries into 

Ceemple is an innovative solution enabling rapid C++ based technical 
computing. It features the productivity of MATLAB and Python, combined with 
the performance and power of standard C++.   

Now Ceemple enables rapid development using the BLAS/LAPACK libraries  
greatly simplifying writing BLAS/LAPACK based C++ code. You are welcome to 
download and try Ceemple and see how it works -

As courtesy, we wanted to grant you and your organization a free Ceemple 

We would also appreciate a link back to Ceemple from BLAS/LAPACK pages (HTML 
code below) - we already feature BLAS and LAPACK at

Please contact me for more details.

Best Regards,
Co-Founder, Ceemple

<a href=''>Ceemple - Rapid C++ technical computing 
environment, with built-in BLAS and LAPACK support</a>

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