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[Lapack] Solving R.S.R^T (matrix triple product)


I am looking for an efficient fortran subroutine to solve the matrix triple
product R.S.R^T with S symmetric.

I see that I am not the first one to look for such a subroutine and to ask
to Lapack mailing list (see this mail
However, no answer was sent to John, and I thus dare asking again.

Please, do you know of any existing, available and efficient subroutine to
achieve this evaluation?

Else, is there any recommended way to achieve this evaluation by chaining
BLAS subroutines?

I thank you in advance for your help.
Best greetings,


PS: do you know if such a function can one day be integrated directly into
BLAS Level 3? Wouldn't it be the perfect place to have such a function?

PPS: I could find the Gandalf C library providing such a
but this is unfortunately not a fortran library.

PPPS: I could also find the
routines from ieeecss netlib package which appear to fit the need.
However I couldn't find any references to ieeecss package. Does anyone know
about this package and the efficiency of its function? Can it be considered
optimized for use in HPC?
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