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[Lapack] Regarding use of zggev


I am working on a oceanographic problem in which I need to solve a generalized 
eigenvalue problem with complex matrices. I have written my code in Fortran, 
where I call the zggev solver inside 4 loops. Through 101x201 wavenumbers as 
the two innermost loops, and I am attempting,in The two outer loops, to loop 
over every tenth gridpoint in my domain-which is the Arctic ocean.  I tested on 
a smaller domain 800x1000 gridpoints, but it took days to finish. I am 
wondering if you have any advice on how to optimize the calling of The solver 
inside many loops? My supervisor is solving The same problem, but in matlab 
using eig(), I wanted to use fortran to speed up The computations, but so far 
our programs are just as slow. I have tried to write my code with both a 
derived datatype in The module containing my subroutines, and also by just 
creating my matrices(which are done within these loops) by arguments sent in 
and out of the routines from the main program. The different approaches are 
still just as slow. I am a newbie in fortran programming,so it might be my poor 
programming skills causing a bottleneck somewhere, but if there's a chance you 
have any tips with the solver I would very much appreciate it!

Have a great day!

Kind regards,
Marta Trodahl

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