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[Lapack] NaN propagation in BLAS

Hi all, 

1) Below is an email that we just received from some R & redhat folks about NaN 
propagation in the BLAS. Please read the email discussion between them and I. 
I summarized their request in my reply to them. (So you can just read my 

2) Please see as well my question to them. Starting with: "A related question. 
How do you feel about the other of IF statements if DGEMM?? (I do not have an 
answer yet from them.)

3) Please see as well:

4) Please see as well email from Jim (Demmel) to Penny Andrerson (MathWorks) 
"[LAPACK-DEV] NaNs and consistent exception handling" from DEC-14-2012. 

So basically this is the recurring of issue of NaN propagation.

1) I think we will apply the patch of these guys. Reason: I am OK with keeping 
the non-propagation of NaNs when ALPHA and BETA have special values (for now), 
but this non-propagation here is really weird. It is specific to the JLI 
variant of DGEMM, it applies when an entry of B is ZERO, pfff . . . Oh my. I 
just have a headache to think what the output would look like. There would be 
NaN at some places in C, no NaN at other places. A mess. I am OK with keeping 
the non-propagation of NaNs when ALPHA and BETA have special values (for now), 
but not based on values of the entries of the matrices A and B. 

(Does this make sense?)

2) We can rethink the NaN propagation in DGEMM (and BLAS in general) for values 
of ALPHA and BETA. (???) So bottom line: do we want the reference DGEMM to just 
be three loops and propagate everything? I think this is more a question for 
users, super-users, etc. Jim might have some answers with his related projects. 

3) Note: Strassen version of DGEMM will not propagate NaN correctly. Too many 
NaNs will be created. (Just a random comment, I was just thinking about this.)


Begin forwarded message:

From: Julien Langou <julien.langou@Domain.Removed>
Subject: Re: [Lapack] Issue with BLAS causing regression test failure in R
Date: July 10, 2014 at 9:12:10 AM MDT
To: Tom Callaway <tcallawa@Domain.Removed>
Cc: Martyn Plummer <plummerm@Domain.Removed>, "peljasz@Domain.Removed" 
<peljasz@Domain.Removed>, julie langou <julie@Domain.Removed>

Hi Tom, Hi Martyn, Hi Lejeczek,

Thanks for pointing this, just to let you know that we (LAPACK folks) are 
discussing this. 

So just taking DGEMM as an example, if you use notation: 
      C(I,J) = C(I,J) + alpha * A(I,L) * B(L,J), 
the reference BLAS DGEMM is using the JLI version of matrix matrix multiply 
and is checking for each J (from 1 to N) and each L (from 1 to K), whether 
B(L,J) is zero (or not) to save (or not) the 2M following operations.

The snippets of code is as follows
              DO 90 J = 1,N
                  DO 80 L = 1,K
                      IF (B(L,J).NE.ZERO) THEN
                          TEMP = ALPHA*B(L,J)
                          DO 70 I = 1,M
                              C(I,J) = C(I,J) + TEMP*A(I,L)
   70                     CONTINUE
                      END IF
   80             CONTINUE
   90         CONTINUE

You suggest to remove the IF statement so that NaNs are correctly propagated. 

So as I said, we (LAPACK folks) are discussing this.

A related question. How do you feel about the other of IF statements if 

For example: (always on DGEMM)
      (1) if BETA = 0, we set C to ZERO, then we follow with computation, 
etc. So if BETA = 0 and NaN in C, the NaN in C are removed. Are you OK with 
      (2) if ALPHA = 0 and BETA = 1, we return directly. So if ALPHA = 0 and 
BETA = 1, and NaNs in A or in B, these NaNs are not propagated to output C. 
Are you OK with this? 
What I am trying to say is that there are plenty of other places where NaN 
are not necessarily propagated within DGEMM.
(Pretty much each time there is an IF statement in the DGEMM subroutine is a 
case of this.)

So my question is how do you feel about the other places where NaN in input 
(A, B, C, or alpha, or beta) do not propagate?


On Jul 7, 2014, at 9:58 AM, Tom Callaway <tcallawa@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Hello LAPACK people,

Martyn & Lejeczek (on CC) reported an issue to Fedora relating to R
using our system copy of BLAS (from LAPACK).

As noted in the R administration and Installation Manual, "R relies on
ISO/IEC 60559 compliance of an external BLAS. This can be broken if for
example the code assumes that terms with a zero factor are always zero
and do not need to be computed - whereas x*0 can be NaN. This is checked
in the test suite."

In the stock BLAS, DGBMV, DGEMM, and DGEMV fail this. R has been
patching their bundled BLAS to resolve this issue since 2010, but Fedora
now uses the system BLAS.

Attached is a patch (from upstream R) to fix this issue in the LAPACK
BLAS. Please consider applying it.



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